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The Current Line Up

Name: Dave Redford
Role: Vocals
Equipment: Shure SM-58
More Info: Powerful rock vocals - sung rather than shouted, which avoid the cliche of overly deep and low goth vocals
Name: Kate Rennie
Role: Bass, Programming and PVC
Equipment: Jackson C5A 5 string, Korg Keyboard
Accessories: Riding Crop
More Info: A big fan of driving, unrelenting bass, Kate happily combines traditional goth and more modern rock/industrial influences in her quest for the elusive bass that sounds like a jet plane taking off next to your ear
Name: Steve Jackson
Role: Lead Guitar and Programming
Equipment: Yamaha RGX321FP, Marshall Valvestate 8240 Stereo Chorus, Line 6 Pod XT, Behringer FCB1010 controller
More Info: Sometimes clean and jangly others agressively distorted. Steve's guitar sits above the driving sound of Kelly and Kate, adding a melodic and harmonic component.
Name: Kelly Dorset
Role: Rhythm Guitar
Equipment:Gibson Les Paul Lite MIII, Gibson Les Paul Gothic Series, Marshall Valvestate AV275, Line 6 PODxt Live
More Info: Kelly's heavily distorted guitar fills out the backdrop to the sound of the band. Never one to shy away from turning the gain setting up as far as it will go, he very quickly gives away his much heavier influences.

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