Dark City Sheffield, 2003

Name: Dark City Sheffield, 2003
Date: 11 November 2003
Line Up:

Pro Jekt
The Sanctuary
Screaming Banshee Aircrew
The Way of All Flesh

Venue: The Casbah


A Review

I arrived during ‘So Cold’, my favourite song by the Fleshies. I’ve been itching to see them live, and thought I was going to miss them today as I thought they’d be on at 4.30 and I didnt arrive until about 5.40. By some bizarre twist of fate the festival was delayed and thus I got to see them! Apparently they were a guitarist down and were thus on as a 3 piece. This didn’t detract at all from their sound to these ears and the audience was treated to a storming (but too short) set of melodic gothic rock. A crystal clear mix really let the band shine, and they came across as a professional act with oodles of potential for greatness to come. Out came the cowboy hats for a cover of ‘Alice’, howeer handsome Dave wore his back to front- how very avant garde *winks* Brilliant! 😀

Foreverguardian on the Shefgoth LiveJournal community