Midian, 2005

Name: Midian, 2005
Date: 25 September 2005
Line Up:

Killing Miranda
616 Abortions
Voices Of Masada
The Way Of All Flesh
Rome Burns

Venue: Hex



However, The Way of All Flesh do seem to have that ‘extra edge’
to them. Self-professed ‘Unashamed Gothic Rock.’ TWOAF are
just that. ‘Esprit d’Escalier’ is an extremely strong album, so it
makes full sense they practically play it in its entirety tonight.
Surprising, the only omission is the title track!
‘Andromeda’ is epic on galactic levels, whilst ‘So Cold’ is like a
long-forgotten classic re-discovered. We could argue until the cows
come home whether having a more 80’s sound is a good thing, or a
bad thing, but the facts are that TWOAF have a very strong arsenal
of material which can be enjoyed whatever your leanings. . . . . .(7)

Kev Morris, TWF Magazine Issue 5

Set List

  • Abused
  • Sleepwalking
  • Blood and Sand
  • Fragile World
  • Andromeda
  • Final Resolve
  • So Cold
  • Never Again
  • Desensitised