The Nightmare A’fore Christmas

Name: The Nightmare A'fore Christmas
Date: 17 December 2005
Line Up:

Screaming Banshee Aircrew
The Way Of All Flesh

Venue: The Exchange


….It took ages for the sound check to come around as the lampys were having lighting issues, but eventually it was an excellent sound check which gave us some confidence. The large amount of stella consumed before we hit the stage helped too; our set wasn’t until quite late on in the night so we’d all had a few when we eventually got up there. The start of the set was a bit shaky; starting with Andromeda with cold hands was probably a dangerous idea, as demonstrated by me dropping my pick in the first verse and having to play half of the set with my fingers. Dave also came in early for the first line which almost threw me, but we struggled through it. After I reclaimed by pick in the first break, it all came together. We’d played the set to peak earlyish, in an attempt to get people out and dancing straight away which appeared to work. Resolve had the floor moving and all of a sudden it filled up for White Wedding. Photos taken by Erica showed a pretty full room and the applause was good.

Where we’re going, we don’t need plectrums

We debuted a new song, Second Skin, which we were all pretty nervous about but managed it. It might be just that little too slow, but people seemed to be swaying along in time. Any feedback on it would be appreciated!

Eventually, after an impromptu half-encore of Alice we disappeared off stage and gave it to SBA, which a suitably warmed up crowd! Hurrah!
It was then I noticed the above pictured miniature injury, and the blood I’d wiped across my face. Doh! One bright blue plaster later….