Kelly Flesh

Grab a tour teeshirt to help out!

The tour is finished and we’re going the maths and we are heart crushingly close to breaking even. Basically, the crazy inflated petrol costs got us in the end 😢
HOWEVER! You can save us! We just need a few more of these awesome tour teeshirts to go and we’ll be in the black and balance will be returned to the universe. Or something!
If you missed out on getting one from us in person, go grab one now from the Goth City Shop and feel happy that you’ve helped the tour “wash it’s own face”.

Get one from Goth City Records

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The Triumvirate Tour is over

The Triumvirate Tour is over. 8 dates around the country, battling extreme temperatures, extreme petrol costs, extreme levels of snoring and astonishingly managing to dodge covid during another wave!

Thank you to everyone who came and watched, danced, sung and bought merch from us. We really appreciate it. There are some posters and tour tee-shirts remaining which we’d love you to buy to help us fight off the malevolent petrol beast which is in its death throes but not quite defeated. Watch this space!

Thank you to our fellow tour buddies Rome Burns and Byronic Sex & Exile and all the sound engineers who put up with our idiosyncrasies.

What next for us? We aren’t sure yet, but watch this space and go listen to Shotgun.

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Shotguns & Razorwire

IT’S HERE! Our first official release since Esprit d’Escalier. Three glorious tracks, recorded by ourselves, mixed and mastered by the wonderful Gordon Young. Artwork by the inspired Andrew Hawnt.

Grab a copy from us at our next live dates or from Bandcamp. (We’d prefer in person of course so we can see your lovely faces 🙂 )

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More Killing Floor plays

Killing Floor certainly is making itself known on the internet radio. There has been a bunch of play over the past couple of days:

  • Heresy – Saturday 7th July, 10pm (BST) (2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / Sunday 7am AEST) on MMH Radio
  • PAT626’s Subculture Shock
  • Much Ado about Bugger All – Monday at 6 & 9pm Pacific time (9pm & midnight Eastern, Tuesday 2 & 5am GMT) or for the repeat on Saturday at 6am Pacific (9am Eastern, 2pm GMT) on Flashback Alternatives
  • BatBoy Slim’s July episode of The Fadeout Session

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The Triumvirate Tour

We’re going on tour!

We’ve just announced the tour. 8 dates around the country, starting with Goth City in Leeds, and finishing a month later in Manchester at The Peer Hat.

We’re all a bit exited, well, all of us apart from Joel of Byronic Sex & Exile, because, let’s face it, he’s an old pro at this touring thing now…

Keep your eyes on the tour website for more information about the tour as it comes up!

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The Way Of All Flesh opening Goth City 2022

Yes! A gig!

We’re kicking things off at the Goth City 2022 opening ceremony at the rather glorious Left Bank in Leeds on July 8th.

Even better, we’re playing with our old gig buddies Rome Burns and the prolific Byronic Sex & Exile. Only the first 2 days acts have been announced so far, so keep an eye out for the rest of the acts being announced soon!

Get your tickets now from Eventbrite

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